Integral Part

TIG tokens are an integral part of the TIG business model. They are our global digital currency. TIG tokens are used on our Community Platform for:

  • Quick Send, and

  • Premium Services,

    TIG tokens can also be used as a store of value in a TIG Account.

Utility of TIG Tokens for Quick Send

Quick Send is TIG’s primary tool for Members and Guests to send money in any currency when they want to pay with MasterCard or VISA.

When a Member or Guest uses Quick Send, a onetime digital wallet is created with TIG tokens in it to the value of the amount being sent. When a recipient wants to withdraw their money, they simply redeem their TIG Tokens back to TIG and they can withdraw cash or request a transfer to their bank account. TIG will operate a treasury float of TIG Tokens to support Quick Send.

As TIG grows, TIG will need to increase the size of that float. TIG will go to listed exchanges to get the TIG it needs to increase the float.

Utility of TIG Tokens for Premium Services

TIG tokens will also be used as the “gas” for premium services to be offered on the TIG Community Platform. These premium services are explained later in this Whitepaper. Members will need to buy the TIG they need to pay for the premium services they use. They will be able to use our Community Platform to buy their TIG from TIG’s float, or they will be able to go to listed exchanges themselves to get their own TIG.

TIG Tokens for TIG Accounts

TIG Tokens can also be bought and retained in Accounts as stored value, just like any other fiat currency or digital asset. Some Members may choose to hold and use TIG as their preferred alternative currency.

TIG Tokens for Trading

TIG Tokens can also be traded on the secondary market, just like any other cryptocurrency. Some Members may choose to do this as a trading strategy and seek to profit from price movements and arbitrage opportunities in the market and across different exchanges where TIG is listed. Upward Price Pressure As TIG gets adopted, demand for TIG Tokens will increase, and this should create upward price pressure on TIG and build a secondary market for TIG Tokens. TIG will drive this upward pressure by buying TIG tokens needed for its treasury float from listed exchanges.