Fiat gateways

Fiat Gateways

Using our network of local Members, we have set up bank accounts in many countries, so that we can provide local fiat gateways.

This enables Members to deposit and withdraw money to/from our Community Platform.

Currently, for BETA, we have local Community bank accounts for Members in

  • UK

  • Estonia (servicing all of Europe)

  • India

  • South Africa

  • Nigeria

We are expanding this network of local Community bank accounts as we build our Community. Supported by our Community network, Members can deposit into an Account on our Community Platform anytime for free using cash, bank transfers and money agents. Members can also deposit fiat into an Account using their Mastercard/VISA. The fiat money received for deposits into Accounts will be kept in our local Community bank accounts so that funds are available for withdrawals as and when required by Members.