Community Growth program



We pay Members to post for TIG on our social media pages – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and Telegram. Our active social media presence promotes TIG and builds our Community so it is important we do this.

We manage this activity on the Post for TIG page on our Community Platform.

We only pay for posts which reinforce TIG’s current key message. We let Members know what our current key message is on our Post for TIG page because it changes from time to time.HOW MEMBERS CAN GET PAID FOR POSTS ABOUT TIG

Posts must follow these guidelines for payment to be received.

Claims for payment can be made on the Post for TIG portal on our Community Platform.

If the post follows these guidelines, payment will be made by TIG depositing into a Member’s local currency account on TIG. We also award bonuses and prizes at the end of every week and month and year for the best posts. Preferred types of posts:

  • videos

  • memes

  • polls

  • blogs

  • news links

Posts can be in any language (TIG is multi-lingual), however we expect most posts to be in English.HOW MUCH TIG WILL PAY FOR A POST?

These are the payments we make for posts which follow these guidelines:

#1 Rating

#2 Rating

#3 Rating

















News Links




Payments are made in equivalent local currency (based on a Member’s default currency on TIG).

Ratings are decided by our social media Administrators. Their ratings decisions are based on how well the post follows our guidelines, and the engagement which it created. #1 Ratings are given for posts which create strong engagement about TIG’s current key message.

We make additional payments each week for bonuses and prizes:

Engagement Bonus


Post of the Week


Post of the Month


Post of the Year


Engagement bonuses are paid when a post receives very high engagement from our Community – ie, lots of likes, shares and comments. The amount paid for an engagement bonus is decided by our social media Administrators on a case-by-case basis. POST GUIDELINES

Follow these guidelines to make a good TIG post:

  1. Display the TIG logo

  2. Reinforce our current key message

  3. Be relevant to a TIG Member

  4. Relate to something current

  5. Be funny

  6. Arouse an emotion: anger, excitement, pride or fear

  7. Use tags and hashes

  8. Engagement by the poster with comments

Most times, display the TIG logo to reinforce our brand

It may not always be appropriate to display the TIG logo - for example if your post is a meme, or it is attacking a competitor

A library of approved TIG logos is available to download


All posts must reinforce TIG’s current key message.

Our current key message is advised on our Post for TIG page. We change our key message from time to time through the course of a year.


A post has to be relevant to a TIG Member, or it has to be relevant to a prospective TIG Member (or both).


Good posts will be about something which has happened this week, preferably today.

This is important to ensure that the post is fresh and relate-able.

For example:

  • about popular culture (an international sport event, a popular movie, popular music, a global political development)

  • commenting on something a competitor has done

  • commenting on something said at a conference relevant to TIG’s business

  • promoting or explaining something TIG has just announced


Often (but not always) good posts will be funny memes.

Memes are good because they:

  • are light and snappy

  • catch the eye of people when they are scrolling

  • convey key messages very simply

  • make people engage (like, share and comment)


The best posts arouse an emotion, because emotion leads to engagement.

Your post must arouse one of the following emotions: anger, excitement, pride or fear. This increases the likelihood of action – a like, share or comment.

Be clear about which emotion your post is trying to arouse.

You have to be daring to arouse one of these emotions, so don’t hold back.


Use tags and hashes to maximise the reach of your post

See our library of preferred tags and hashes for TIG posts

Use tags and hashes specific to your post, wherever possible, to extend the reach of the post

If someone can be tagged, tag them so the post appears on their social media page too.


Stay engaged with your post by engaging with the comments about your post

This will maximise the likes and shares and comments your post gets

You will get an engagement bonus if your post has achieved high likes, shares and comments


You should appreciate that TIG wants a high volume of good posts which it pays a small amount for each post, not a small volume of high-quality posts which it pays a lot for each post

We expect a Member to spend no more than half an hour to conceive, create and post a simple graphic post

We expect a Member to spend no more than an hour to create and post a short video

Low-cost speed and efficiency is your goalHOW TO CLAIM PAYMENT FOR A POST

To claim payment for a post, go to the Post for TIG page on our Community Platform and click on the “Claim Payment” button.

Members are asked to complete a short claim form:

  1. Upload your post

  2. Date and time of your post

  3. Social media pages you posted on: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Telegram

  4. Did you Follow our Guidelines?

    • Did you display the TIG logo? (if appropriate)

    • Did you reinforce TIG’s key message?

    • Was your post relevant to a TIG Member (or prospective TIG Member)?

    • Did your post relate to something current?

    • Was your post funny? (if appropriate)

    • Which emotion did you arouse: anger, excitement, pride or fear?

    • Did you use tags and hashes?

    • Will you engage with comments about your post?


We have a team of social media Administrators who manage TIG’s social media pages.

Our Administrators help to manage what happens on our social media pages:

  • engage with people who comment on posts

  • delete inappropriate posts and comments

  • block and ban people who are being unsupportive

If your post has received a lot of like/shares/comments, it will be noticed by our Administrators!

One of our Administrators’ key tasks is to make our channel a community. They have to turn your posts from one-way channelling to two-way community engagement. They do this by following the likes, shares and comments received by your posts. They encourage and facilitate more engagement for your posts by commenting too, and answering comments. That helps build our Community.

Administrators are also responsible for blocking and banning. Our social media pages are for our Members, and they need to be safe places for our Members to engage without being unfairly criticised or harassed. We will not tolerate negative contributors or trolls. Administrators protect our Community from the darker side of social media.

Finally, our Administrators are the ones who make decisions about:

  • payment claims

  • if an engagement bonus should be paid

  • awarding “Post of the Week”, “Post of the Month” and “Post of the Year” prizes.


  1. Links to all of TIG’s social media pages

  2. List of TIG social media Administrators and their contact details on each of TIG’s social media pages

  3. Graphics Library

    • TIG logos

    • Other useful graphics collateral

  4. Tags and hashtags we like you to use for our current key message:

  5. Examples of Good Posts

    • Posts which have been awarded Engagement Bonuses

    • Post of the Week

    • Post of the Month

    • Post of the Year